01 Nov 2022 | Reading time: ~3 min

InfoSec Education - 0xbro, from developer to pentester (Beyond technology, Ep. 01)

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Video
  3. Timestamp


A few days ago, a video was released on my friend Leonardo Tamiano’s channel in which we had a nice conversation about our school and work career, various IT security issues and many other topics. Please feel free to give a listen and maybe some feedback (sorry but the podcast is in Italian language only)!



00:00:00 - Introduction
00:01:45 - Who is Mattia (0xbro) Brollo?
00:04:36 - Is college/university always necessary?
00:16:47 - The role of high schools
00:21:25 - University or work?
00:22:30 - From developer to pentester
00:28:40 - The usual question, “how do I become a hackerz?”
00:34:27 - Why it is important to use your own knowledge
00:41:50 - The main technological contexts of pentests
00:45:37 - Pentest, mainly black-box or white-box?
00:53:00 - The conflict between programmers and pentesters
00:56:00 - Why did you start making videos?
01:01:00 - How did you learn English?
01:08:50 - The importance of hackmeetings and community